Shoulder Support Brace Strap

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1. To fit either left or right shoulder.

2. Lightweight and breathable material helps retain body Heat thus reducing pain.

3. Suitable to wear whilst working or playing sports. Comfortable to wear for long


4. Suitable For: Tendonitis & Myositis/ Shoulder Dislocation/ Shoulder Instabilities/

Swelling & Inflammation/ Torn Muscle or Ligaments.

5. Keep your shoulder protected during sports and injury recovery with this support.

Helps keep the shoulder from twisting during sports or recovery. Braces can reduce pain


Item Type: Shoulder Support Strap

Material: Bamboo Charcoal Fiber + Rubber

Size: S,M,L,XL

Color: Grey

S Size: Shoulder width 16 inch (Unstretched)

M Size: Shoulder width 18 inch (Unstretched)

L Size: Shoulder width 20 inch (Unstretched)

XL Size: Shoulder width 23 inch (Unstretched)


Package Included: 1 x Shoulder Support Strap

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